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At Bournemouth External Cleaning, we offer top class driveway cleaning services that will leave your decking, patio and tarmac shining. We clean driveways across Bournemouth and surrounding areas ensuring you receive the best quality cleaning service and leaving you 100% satisfied. Our wide range of services gives you…

…the opportunity to explore what suits your needs best. We have learned to understand that our customers take pride in their driveways, and a deep clean can help your outdoor areas get their mojo back! Why not take a look at what our cleaning professionals can offer you and contact us for a quote today!

Cleaning of Decking & Wood

As we know, the weather and conditions in the UK can be harsh on our outdoor decking and wood. If you’re tired of looking out your window seeing your decking grimey and weather beaten, why not let us give it the care it deserves!?

Driveways &

Our driveways are the first thing we come upon when entering a home, and there is nothing like a good first impression! Let our cleaning experts polish up your driveway and patio and leave it as pristine as you once remember it.

Block Paving & Tarmac

A deep clean is an excellent way to keep your block paving and tarmac in a great condition. Our cleaning experts have all the equipment and skill needed to restore your block paving and tarmac making it look fantastic all over again.

Stone & Concrete

Stone and concrete need to be maintained regularly to ensure it is free of oil from our cars and general dirt so it stays safe for us to drive on. Our high pressure equipment will get the job done leaving your stone and concrete spotless and help it come alive once again.

Driveway & surface cleaning
starting from £89

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Benefits of Driveway Cleaning

Safety First

Giving your driveway a deep clean not only gives it a new lease of life, but it makes it safe. We drive on our driveways everyday, so oil and other fluids from our vehicles are bound to end up where we park. This can make the surface slippery and unsafe for us to drive or walk on. Our cleaning professionals use the best and most modern equipment to ensure your driveway is left not only looking great, but less prone to accidents and injuries due to slipping.

Gets Rid of Dangerous Growth

Our driveways can often end up growing things like algae, mold, mildew and moss. These may seem harmless but they can do more damage than you may think. Having these unwanted plants growing in your driveway can result in needing to do repairs to your driveway in the future. The best option is to have our cleaning experts come and take care of it, letting you not only enjoy a fresh, clean driveway but reducing worries of needing repairs in the future.

Gives your Home
Entrance a Level Up

A sparkling driveway will beautify your home and give an excellent first impression. No matter what your driveway is made from, we have the skills necessary to save your driveway from the rut it might be stuck in. Getting rid of the grime and dirt that has built up overtime will create the perfect entrance to your home. Driveways are often forgotten about when cleaning is considered but it definitely shouldn’t be. A pristine driveway may be the answer to giving the appearance of your home a level up.

See Why Homeowners in Bournemouth Choose to Work with Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning

Andrew Maine
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Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning has done a great job on our driveway, fully recommend them .If your selling your house think about having the driveway or patio cleaned. 5 stars for you.
Loraine Field
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The driveway was cleaned with there specialist equipment, the engineer who arrived was very punctual & on time. Price is really competitive as I got 3 other Quotes. I am amazed with my driveway, I will 100% be recommending to my friends and family .
Rejoice Raine
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Excellent professional service. Made my old tired block paving look brand new again. Highly recommended.

Does My Driveway Need Cleaning?

If you are wondering whether your driveway needs cleaning, the answer is most likely that it does. If you haven’t given your driveway some care in awhile, then now is the perfect time. The UK can be harsh on our driveways in terms of the rain, temperatures and generally wet conditions. Winter in particular is a tough time for our driveways and will most definitely need some deep cleaning after these cold few months.

Our experienced and expert cleaners have dealt with every type of driveway, so whatever it is… we’ve seen it before! We can clean any type of driveway in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more information or for a quote.

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